Top Wedding Trends for 2020

Jan 7, 2020 | Inspiration | 0 comments

As we jump into a new year, I thought it would be useful to take a look at the wedding trends for 2020.

I am very honoured to be connected with so many amazing fellow local wedding suppliers, so I asked them for their input as to what they believe are going to be the big wedding trends for the upcoming year. Here’s what they had to say.

#1 – Sustainable Weddings

Sustainability was a big trend in 2019 but it will continue to be an important part of the wedding industry this year as well and something I am very passionate about at The Handmade Sign Company, with my range of eco-friendly wedding signs. I have previously written about this in a blog (Your guide to creating the perfect eco-wedding) so head over there to read more about how your wedding can be more sustainable through your choice of venue, invitations, bridalwear, food, flowers and décor.

#2 – Circular Wedding Signage

Wedding signage will continue to be a popular way of personalising wedding venues, but circular welcome signs are definitely the latest trend that I am absolutely loving! They offer a different aesthetic to traditional landscape welcome signs, and create a brilliant impact at the entrance to your big day.

#3 – Vegan

It is estimated that the number of vegans in the UK quadrupled from 2014–18 and is ever increasing. And because of this, the wedding industry has also seen growing demand. Arbonne consultant, Lindsey Younger Langford from @lifestylemumuk tells us this trend is set to only rise further in 2020, not just for wedding food, but also for wedding cakes, hair and make-up products, clothing, footwear and Fairtrade flowers.

#4 – Dried Wildflowers

Dusting off their old-fashioned reputation, dried flowers are becoming increasingly popular for both vintage and modern weddings. Whilst they may be less colourful and fragrant than fresh flowers, dried flowers have beautiful muted and warm tones and are longer lasting so you can keep them long beyond your wedding day. I personally love bunny tails so was very excited when George from local prop hire and styling business told me they were set to stick around a while longer!

#5 – Rustic Cakes

Naked wedding cakes became popular in 2016, particularly for rustic weddings, and that sparked the trend for the slightly more iced semi-naked wedding cakes, and the lovely Jo from B Bettys Bakes told us they are definitely a trend that will continue to be popular throughout 2020. She also predicts more use of eucalyptus and metallic silvers are definitely on the horizon for the year ahead, as well as big showstopper, statement cakes!

#6 – Floral Clouds

Couples are becoming more interested in keeping large floral decorations off the tables and instead using the ceilings and walls to display impressive, large scale floral installations to transform their wedding venues. I recently worked on a styled shoot with the super talented Liz from Boon & Bloom, who created an epic floral cloud above a sweetheart table and it looked completely amazing, so a trend I am definitely excited to see more of this year!

#7 – Personal Touches

It is becoming more and more commonplace to add personal touches to weddings, and there are so many ways that this can be done. It is the bride and groom’s special day, so having personalised aspects, really makes the day more special and memorable. There are many ways to personalise the big day including bespoke signage with custom wording, photos on display, and even embroidered wedding dresses and veils! Local celebrant, Susan Stuart told us that the use of personalised vows during ceremonies is definitely a big trend for 2020.

#9 – Instagram Backdrops

Getting the ‘perfect’ Instagram pictures are important for some couples, so much so that they will create a specific wall/backdrop for photos. Balloon walls, large flower displays, or wall murals are thought to be popular choices for 2020, to make photos stand out on social media. Our alternative photo booth and reclaimed selfie board is set to be very popular for the year to come too!

 What is your favourite trend for 2020?

Jenni x

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