Saving money on your wedding

Sep 27, 2019 | News | 0 comments

The average cost of a wedding is now around £30,000, but there are many ways you can cut costs so you can still have your best day ever. Don’t think of it as cutting things out of your wedding, just looking for alternatives.

Set a budget

Setting a maximum budget (and sticking to it!) is a great way to plan where you will spend your money. It will help you to prioritise the most important elements for your wedding day and let you work out your other costs around these. Divide them into the essentials (e.g. venue, dresses/suits, ceremony, catering), the ‘must haves’ (e.g. rings, flowers, cake, photographer, music) and the ‘would likes’ (e.g. professional transport, signage, favours, hair and make-up artist).

Wedding Days & Times

At some venues, Saturdays are booked up years in advance, so it is becoming more and more popular to have a wedding on another day of the week to bring costs down. An Autumn or Winter wedding could also prove to be a cheaper option with some venues. Also marrying in the morning or late afternoon can often give you cheaper ceremony costs and catering costs. You can have lunch, rather than dinner for a morning wedding or just an evening meal or buffet for a late afternoon wedding.


Food accounts for a huge percentage of a wedding budget, but there are ways you can cut costs. Firstly, find a venue that will allow you to bring in your own caterers. Then you can shop around to find the best price for your choice of food. And you don’t need to have the traditional three course wedding breakfast, followed by an evening buffet. Marry later in the day and choose a buffet, a BBQ, hog roast or stone baked pizzas. Think outside the box!


Doing it yourself or having friends/relatives helping out, can not only be a great cost saver, but it can also add some special personal touches to your wedding. You could make your own invitations, table decorations, wedding favours and even signage. And if you think you don’t have the right skills, look at ways you can achieve what you want. For example, I offer lettering workshops to teach others how they can create personalised table décor and signage for their own wedding.

You can even ask friends or family to help out with taking the photos, making the cake, or letting you borrow their fancy car. They can always say no if they don’t want to!

Spread the cost

Unless you have the full cost of your wedding saved up, the best way to pay for your wedding is to spread payments where possible. Some suppliers may allow you to spread payments (like I offer payment plans for my signage) and for those that don’t, you have options including credit cards, a loan or asking family to help out. There are many 0% credit cards available, and it is always recommended to not spend more than you can pay back in a year.

The main advice with wedding planning is not to get overwhelmed and obsessed with how it ‘should’ look and what you have seen on Pinterest or Instagram. It is your wedding, your budget and your choice. Good luck!

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