Capture your Memories with an Alternative Guestbook

Sep 17, 2019 | Inspiration, News | 0 comments

To add to your wonderful wedding memories, a guestbook is a lovely way to capture the names and well wishes of the family and friends who attended your wedding. But gone are the days of signing in a book that gets put in a cupboard never to be seen again.

A wedding guestbook no longer needs to be confined to pen and paper. The last few years has seen many creative forms of guestbook appearing at weddings, giving couples more choice and allowing them to match their theme, current trends or thinking how it can be used afterwards, so it doesn’t end up in a cupboard.

The guestbook is a wedding detail that should feel special and personal to you. I personally love creative ideas that you’ll want to keep forever, and even display in your home too, so I am going to focus on that with a few ideas below.

Obviously, here at The Handmade Sign Company, we have a passion for the personal touch, and we have our very own wooden/acrylic guestbook…but I’ll get on to that later!

Let’s take a look at some other unique, keepsake ideas first.

Following on from our last blog on eco-friendly weddings, a great idea for a guestbook is a terracotta pot. Using permanent markers, guests can sign directly on a terracotta pot, which can make a great table or garden decoration after the wedding.

Another unique idea that is a great keepsake is a quilt/blanket guestbook. Choose fabric that matches your wedding colour scheme, cut into squares and ask guests to sign them with fabric markers. After the wedding, you (or a willing volunteer!) can stitch them together to create a one-of-a-kind blanket you can cuddle up underneath for years to come.

A guestbook tree is also a popular choice. You can use real branches from a cherry blossom or magnolia for example, and place them in a decorative pot. Or you can purchase wooden or wire trees made especially for guests to hang notes and well wishes on. This is another item that can make a lovely centrepiece in the home.

Thinking about creating a beautiful centrepiece for your home, consider a personalised wooden or acrylic board, any shape, any size. Guests can write messages directly on to the board and you can hang it on your wall in your home as a memory of your big day.

Whatever guestbook you decide to go for, choose something that you’ll be proud to display in your home, so those messages and memories don’t get shut away in a cupboard.

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